Cactus Commercial is heavily involved in the commercial sector of the construction industry. We specialize in retail commercial construction, interior build outs and remodels, tilt up construction, and industrial construction. We are qualified to deliver a high quality construction project, as well as high value for your construction dollar. The following services are provided by Cactus during the construction phase of the project: Scheduling & Phasing, Value Engineering, Site Logistics, Project Control, Permits and Fees, Inspections and Safety, Project Accounting, Close-Out, and Warranty.

Industrial Office and Warehouse Construction General Contractor Houston Texas

Industrial Office / Warehouse Construction Houston TX

Industrial Office / Warehouse Construction

Regardless of the industry, every business needs a place to perform and maintain its operations. At Cactus Commercial, Inc. we believe that quality office buildings play a part in helping a business achieve its full operational potential. We also believe in maintaining sustainability throughout the life of a building. For more information regarding Cactus Commercial, Inc's sustainable building initiatives, visit LEED to learn more.
General Contractor for Retail Construction in Houston Texas

Retail Construction Houston TX

Retail Construction

Cactus Commercial, Inc. has extensive experience in new retail construction and renovations (see Commercial Retail Renovations). Every retail owner who chooses Cactus Commercial, Inc. as their General Contractor always receives a high quality product built to the Owner’s Project Requirements. Cactus Commercial, Inc. is also happy to provide store fixturing services to Owners.

Tilt Wall Construction Houston TX

Tilt Wall Construction

Cactus Commercial, Inc. has a long history of constructing successful tilt wall projects. Tilt wall construction is one of the fastest growing building methods in the United States. A vast majority of Project Owners and Commercial Developers are using tilt wall as their building envelope. When owners choose tilt wall construction, we work closely with the Architect and Engineer to ensure quality construction performance and a final product. As a General Contractor, we know that the key to success for any project is through careful planning and good management.

Commercial Retail Renovations Houston TX

Commercial Retail Renovations

At Cactus Commercial, Inc., we believe that building renovation and enhancement can increase the appearance and success of any business. Cactus Commercial, Inc. ensures the highest quality in managing a renovation project of any type. We have first-hand knowledge and skills when it comes to helping owners renovate their current buildings.  Our experience allows Owners to achieve the design and functionality that they desire in their existing buildings, all while complying with current building codes. We are also dedicated to achieving high performance and sustainability on our projects. Visit our LEED link for more information regarding Cactus Commercial, Inc's sustainable building practices.
Tenant Finishes - Houston TX General Contractor

Tenant Finishes Houston TX

Tenant Finishes

We understand that every tenant has specific requirements for their business operations.  This is why we work closely with each tenant, to ensure that we are meeting their quality standards and budget. We have thorough experience in tenant build outs for various industries, including medical, office, and warehouse. Cactus Commercial, Inc. provides construction services for tenant fit-outs at any level the owner chooses.
LEED Certified Commercial Contractor in Houston Texas

LEED Certified Buildings Houston TX

LEED Certified Buildings

Cactus Commercial, Inc. is proud to participate in building environmentally friendly, sustainable, and high performing buildings. The sustainability program at Cactus Commercial, Inc. assists building owners in the construction of their buildings to help them achieve significant savings during the building’s life cycle. There are a great deal of savings in LEED Certified Buildings compared to Traditional Building Practices. However, these savings are not the only advantages of sustainable building. A green building helps create a better environment from the use of sustainable materials and efficient mechanical systems that do not produce Greenhouse Gases.  The end result is a more efficient product with cost savings to the Owner, throughout the life-cycle of the building.